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Do you, or any of your loved ones, suffer from recurring dry, cracked or inflamed skin? Calyx CBD has recently added a new cream to its ever growing line of CBD products. We would like to officially introduce our Smooth lotion series! Whats In It? Our Smooth lotion contains an array of essential oils that are proven to help gently relieve dry, cracked and inflamed skin. Starting with Sandalwood Essential Oil, which must be 30 years old in order for its bark to be harvest for therapeutic uses, our lotion is here to smooth and sooth any skin irritations that may be ailing you. It does not stop there, Calyx Wellness Smooth lotion also includes Benzoin resin. This resin, also extracted from tree bark, is known for its anti-inflammatory action on skin conditions related to eczema, psoriasis and acne. The lotion also has a base made with hints of vanilla extract as well. 600mg CBD

Calyx "Smooth" CBD Lotion - 600mg

C$85.00 Regular Price
C$70.00Sale Price
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