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MCT stands for Medium Chain Tryglycerides. MCTs from iBliss has been extracted from 100% coconut oil, and is virtually scentless and tasteless in this pure form. Just as coconut oil can be eaten and used as a topical so can MCT. When in contact with skin it leaves the area soft and moisturised. These versatile fats are a perfect bond to CBD, allowing the duo to rapidly enter the bloodstream and nourish your entire endocannabinoid system. iBliss uses their 99.7% PURE CBD Crystal, which has been trusted in its Pure CBD eliquids since 2017. DIRECTIONS Start with 1 full dropper = 1ml per day. After one week slowly increase dosage to 2 full droppers daily. Can be taken straight, added to hot drinks, smoothies and salad dressings. For best results to be taken as part of a low carbohydrate diet. INGREDIENTS PURE CBD MCT TINCTURE consists of : Medium Chain Triglycerides from coconut oil C8, C10, C12, CBD isolate 99.7% pure Crystal 2000mg CBD

Pure CBD MCT Tincture - 2000mg

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