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Autism and CBD Research Studies

Autism cannot be cured, so the goal is to help a person gain and hone skills, and better navigate daily life, including school, work, relationships, etc. Some of the symptoms of autism include social communication challenges, sensory dysfunction, and restricted, repetitive behaviors.

While no drug can effectively remove or cure all symptoms associated with Autism. Currently, initial stage research has been promising and there is some evidence (although still early stage) that CBD can help to alleviate specific symptoms associated with Autism such as anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and epilepsy.

A couple of research studies were initiated across the globe to identify the impact of using CBD in treatment of symptoms of Autism. A study conducted in in Israel during 2015-2017 had some interesting insights. The program consisted of 188 patients with Autism and were treated with Cannabis oil containing 30% CBD and 1.5% THC. After six months of treatment 82.4% of patients (155) were in active treatment and 60.0% (93) have been assessed; 28 patients (30.1%) reported a significant improvement, 50 (53.7%) moderate, 6 (6.4%) slight and 8 (8.6%) had no change in their condition. CBD can help by causing better sleep and lowering anxiety (which can reduce aggressive behaviors), fewer seizures (which can lessen stress and make it easier to interact socially), and making it easier to learn and use social communication skills. Some marginal side effects were also observed in the research study with twenty-three patients (25.2%) experienced at least one side effect; the most common was restlessness (6.6%). Overall, this study provided with much needed insights and backed CBD as a well-tolerated, safe and effective option to relieve symptoms associated with Autism.

Additional studies have provided similar results: CBD has proved to be helpful in a majority of cases in lessening emotional and behavioral issues and can even help to improve social communication skills. These preliminary findings, along with the low incidence of significant side effects, are very encouraging. Studies are ongoing in clinics and research centers around the world.

Given positive initial results from the medical studies, it may make sense to trying to use it as a method to combat Autism. However, it is important to take some precautions before trying out CBD oil for treatment, especially in the case of children.

· Always confirm with your family doctor to make sure that there are no allergies or sensitivities that could potentially cause a reaction to CBD

· Always use a good quality brand

· Do all you due diligence first, then get started with confidence.

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