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The secret weapon against Autism

30 years ago, the word Autism and anything associated with it, was an extremely scary proposition with which most people did not have a lot of knowledge or information. Over the years there have been many misconceptions and mis-truths in terms of both the causes and treatment of Autism and related disorders. To be honest, now in 2020 not that much has changed except with the advancements in medical research and the overall increase of our collective knowledge base, we all have a bit more of an understanding that these conditions can be treated and the individuals who suffer from them can lead long, happy and fruitful lives.

The fact is, there is still a lot of tension when it comes to the best ways to effectively treat these conditions. One of the advancements we’ve made is that we now know that Autism isn’t just one thing. There is a large group of complex neuro-development disorders that includes a wide range of symptoms, skills and levels of disability. This spectrum, or group of disorders is called ASD or an Autism Spectrum Disorder and it includes pervasive development disorders, Asperger syndrome and more.

All of these disorders and syndromes can have a very taxing effect on the family members responsible for treatment. No one wants their loved ones to suffer and everyone wants their family members to be able to live and experience life like the rest of us. The truth is, as it stands now, there is no cure for ASD. There are multiple therapies and behavioral exercises and interventions that are designed to remedy and improve symptoms. And there are medications available to help with anxiety, depression, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and there even anti-psychotic and anti-convulsant medications used at times. For most of these however, the potential side-effects (nausea, dizziness, lack of appetite, mood swings, addiction etc.) can be brutal. And the biggest issue with many of these treatments and medications is the cost, which can be so prohibitive to many families.

While there are always new tests and medical trials being conducted, the one substance that has consistently tested well in terms of combating the symptoms of ASD, is CBD. CBD has been proven in more than a few studies to help lower stress and reduce anxiety in people with Autism. Though the detailed research is still in its infancy, there is some compelling evidence that CBD can help to alleviate specific symptoms and improve behavior in both children and adults on the Spectrum. There have been many positive signs in terms of reducing seizures or, in some cases, eliminating them altogether. With been so many positive results with CBD, and a very low risk associated with it, trying it for the first time to medicate symptoms of ASD is recommended, but one should always at least have a discussion with a family doctor first, especially if the individual in question is a child. Having said that, CBD is fast becoming the best secret weapon in the never-ending fight against ASD.

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