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CBD and Sleep

Many people often confuse CBD or cannabidiol as something similar to marijuana and believe that it has the same effect or mind-altering “high” on people. This is because CBD is extracted from the same cannabis plant that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (which creates a “high”) is extracted from as well as from its sister plant, hemp. However, it is totally untrue that CBD alters the functionality and conscious state of mind and is rather used and consumed in a different manner as well. CBD is consumed mostly by diluting it with an edible oil such as coconut oil (MCT) and is then consumed to relieve pain and anxiety. There are many functions and roles played by CBD, but recently, there is an increase in research that is concerned with the effects CBD has on your sleep.

Insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder is usually caused by the following common factors:

Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Medications, Caffeine intake, Pain and Inflammation

For factors other than genetics, all external factors that cause sleep disorders or insomnia can be controlled by CBD. Let’s look at how CBD affects sleep and whether it is a good way to control your insomnia or sleep disturbance.

How can CBD be used for sleep?

Like any other medication, CBD can affect sleep in positive and some negative ways (for some). The legal status of CBD in the US is a bit ambiguous, however, it is readily available and is reported by the WHO (World Health Organization) that it does not intoxicate or alter the mind of the people taking it. Here in Canada, CBD is included with all Cannabis products in the Cannabis Act.

Some common ways in which CBD can be consumed:

· Vaping

This is a faster way of getting CBD into your system, but the medical stance on this method is not 100% positive since vaping include smoke that goes into your respiratory system.

· Oils/Tinctures

As mentioned earlier, CBD is diluted into the oil so it can be consumed through it and so that the body and fully absorb it.

· Gummies or Capsules

Like any other medication, you can consume CBD in the form of gummies or capsules. Not only insomnia, but CBD is also proven to be useful for fighting sleepiness, extensive sleeping patterns and major loss in deep sleep time. CBD also creates a general calming effect which obviously assists with sleep as well. Full spectrum capsules provide the best results.

Side effects

As with most consumables, there are some safety concerns held by doctors and medical practitioners regarding the use of CBD for sleep issues. They have noticed some mild to extreme side effects in people who consumed CBD for a prolonged period of time.

Upset stomach and diarrhea is one of the few side effects observed in people who used CBD for sleep. Moreover, notable changes in appetite and eating behaviors were also noticed. These side effects are seen in a very small percentage or users (around 3%) but everyone should be mindful, especially when consuming CBD for the first time.

Professionals strongly recommend that the side effects of CBD for sleep can be minimized if the CBD product is of top quality and is consumed correctly and not overdosed. Typically, with tinctures, consuming 3 times a day is ideal. Once can consume more often, but only if symptoms dictate. As with all CBD usage, the positive effects of CBD on sleep will improve over time with continued regular use. In the end, CBD is a great option with minimal side effects and no psycho-activity, to help with sleep issues both mild and severe. So if you need something to help with sleep, maybe you should try some CBD and enjoy some sweet dreams.

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1 Comment

Feb 05, 2020

I started taking the Adams CBD oil from CBD Dreams which is full spectrum on Nov 22nd of 2019.


Well at 64 years of age and with a very beat up body from blue collar work and sports at a pretty high level I played hard and my body was breaking down physically which lead to a mental situation at 60 that I have never had which was I was getting anxiety which was starting to make me depressed and not want to engage in society.

I research everything and I am an honest skeptic which I was with CBD oil and it's results.I was very very wrong. I assumed CBD oil was much like high end supplements which…

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