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CBD - Nature's Gift

For thousands of years, humans have been using CBD to help treat a variety of ailments. The first ever recorded case of CBD use comes from China, around 2727 BC. It is reported Emperor Sheng Neng used a CBD infused tea to help with his poor memory, malaria and gout. Whether you suffer from anxiety, severe inflammation or insomnia, CBD offers relief of these ailments without the need to use pharmaceutical medications and deal with the numerous debilitating symptoms that come with them.

Take for instance the Figi family, whose 4 year old daughter Charlotte was experiencing 300 Grand Mal seizures a week. Standard medications weren’t working, it seemed young Charlotte had developed Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a rare severe form of “intractable epilepsy”. Intractable meaning the seizures aren’t controlled by medications. A literal nightmare for any parent. After trying experimental medications with odd side effects and Charlotte eventually losing the ability to walk, talk and eat, the parents had had enough. They decided it was time to try something drastically different. Charlotte was given CBD oil. At this time it was still illegal, but with no other options for their 4 year old daughter, legality was the least of their worries. After taking CBD oil, Charlotte's seizures went from over 300 a week to stopping completely. Her parents knew they were taking a risk and breaking the law in order to get her the medication she needed, luckily now CBD products are fully accessible for anyone who wants to try an alternative. For Hemp-CBD, 1000mg tinctures or higher could garner similar "calming" results for anyone in need. In general, the best delivery system for CBD is via oil taken orally but capsules and vaping can also be effective.

Cases like this remind us how truly invaluable CBD and natural medication is for our health. With restrictions lifting on research and personal use, we are closer than ever before to unlocking all of the benefits this amazing compound has to offer.

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